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The parody of word-pairs: RHYMING BINOMIALS, M to Z

POST #90
PARODY-LYRICS, a continuation of post #89.
ORIGINAL SONG: "The Elements", Tom Lehrer, 1959.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, July 2015.

KEYWORDS: language, goldenoldy 

(word-pairs), M to Z

(to the tune of Tom Lehr's "The Elements")

There’s make or break, and move and groove, neither or either, mash- and mish-
And meet and greet, and meter-feed, and moans and groans, and meat or fish.
It’s my way or the highway, metes and limits, also leer and peer
Obama and Osama, and the news and views, both near and dear.

An ocean of devotion, moon in June -it’s grouped with-  odds and sods 
An Okie from Muskogee, onward upward, also nod and prod
And pedal to the metal, a man with a plan, no pain - no gain 
And slump or hump, and scrimp or primp, there’s pump and dump, and planes and trains.

There’s red or dead, and rough and tough, and rude and crude, and rain in Spain
And Seven and Eleven, stash and dash, and stain you can’t explain
And slice and dice, and shake and bake, and surf and turf, and scowl and frown
And shop ‘til drop, and slim and trim, saggy and baggy, town and gown.

Son of a gun, and thrills and chills, and sine and cosine, twine and line   
And twirl and swirl, and use or lose it, weed and feed, and wine and dine.
Whale of a tale, wham bam and thank you, wary chary, wheel and deal
And wear and tear, and yeas and nays, and zoot suit, and religious zeal.

There’s likely umpteen others, but so far I can’t imagine them
They’d spread across the alphabet from a-ardvark to zymogen.


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(to the tune of "I've Been Everywhere")

I was sitting at my desk with “The Joy of Lex” composing palindromes;
When along came a thought, where sometimes seems nobody’s home
If you’re gonna write some wordplay, go with what you understand
Cause you start off every morning, Jumble puzzle in your hand
There’s no doubt that I can go both ways in handling anagrams,
But first I’d need return a message, I was told that a ‘Sam’ rang.

CHORUS:  anagrams (word-scrambles) of A-N-A-G-R-A-M-S are underlined

I’ve got anagrams, Sam
Helps to snag a ram, man
Told my Ma, “Gas! Ran!”, Sam
Ram sang a NASA-gram, Sam
Sing and have some fun, man?
Wordplay 201. 

VERSE: (Anagrams of the word P-A-L-I-N-D-R-O-M-E-S, place-names with 2-letter postal abbreviations) 

I've been to:
Radon Slip, Pols' Drain, Parson Lid ME;
Salon Perm, Morselpan, Norse Lamp ID; 
Limp Roads, Paris Mold, Solid Ramp NE;
Minor Laps, Moral Spin, Snail Prom DE;
Loam Spire ND; and Prison Lea MD;
Prime Loan, Lime Apron, Plainmore SD.

repeat Chorus
 I’ve been to:
Dreamlips, Pram Slide, Misled Rap ON;
Polarside, Silo Drape, Soilerpad MN;
Doper Alms, Sample Rod and Pod's Realm IN;
Old Praise, Rio Lapsed, Olé Rapids NM;
Solar Mind PE; Splendrom IA
Loner's Pad, Slander-Op and Darn Slope MI – Hey!

repeat Chorus
I’ve been to:
Melonsdip, Lisp Monde, and Simple Nod AR;
Mind’s Leap OR, and San del Mio PR;
Mares’ Pond, Demonrasp, Modern Spa IL;
Drop Mines AL; Maid's Rope NL;
April Dome NS; Pole Drain MS;
Dire Plans, Spiral End and Spendrail MO; Yes!

repeat Chorus
There's also:
Pliers Dam, Palms Ride, Prismdale ON;
Diapersol, Dearspoil and Oilspread MN; 
Prosemail, Parle-Mois, Liar's Poem ND;
Demon's Lap RI; Palin's Ore MD;
Linerpads, Slap Diner, Lard Spine MO;
Salon Perm ID; Model Pair NS; Whoa!

repeat Chorus
I’ve been to:
Sermon Dip, Snide Romp, Dimperson LA;
Noël’s Drip, Drole Snip, Plod Rinse in MA;
Iron’s Meld, Milnersod, Mole Ris'n'd PA;
Run out of places so there’s not much more to say - eh?
Hope you noticed that for 4 abbreviations*
Postal codes I used were actually Canadian?

This patter-verse could be worse, kind of suits the crazy purpose
Places small, a shortfall, can’t locate them on a map (CURSE!)
Medal Prison, Persian Mold, Sindale Romp; Moper Island, 
Random Piles, Almonds' Pier, Mandrop Isle, Promiseland
Alpine Dorms,  Salmon Pride, Roan's Dimple, Molder Spain
Mopland Rise, Smile Pardon, Mild Persona, Primsod Lane.

repeat Chorus (final).

* ON = Ontario; NS = Nova Scotia; PE = Prince Edward Island; NL = Newfoundland and Labrador.

NB: To ensure a correct family-based orientation and upbeat mode, the following locations were omitted from the song:
Sniperdom AL; Ransomlip DE; Prone Slam, Morn Pleas and Mope Snarl ID; Sp**mload, and Maledrops IN;  Porn Aisle, Plain Sore, Parole Sin and Oral Pines MD;  Old Rapine MS;  Las' Period NM; Piso Merda NL; Damsel Nip and Damn Spiel OR; Mild Arson PE;  EmailPorn SD; Seminal Prod, N. Merdapolis, Ridslop Amen, Ransom Plied and Damper Loins.


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