Monday 25 April 2016

Simon and Garfunkel's Implanted Vision: The PALINDROMES of EVIL

Post #123
ORIGINAL SONG: "The Sounds of Silence" 1964, Simon and Garfunkel. 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, April 2016.
WORDPLAY LINK: You review a 'suite' of focused palindrome lists at "Giorgio's Weekly Wordplay".

 KEYWORDS: wordplay, cartography, goldenoldy

 Also, two palindrome-songs have been posted on the current blog at posts #23 and #30 (see list below). 


(to the tune of "The Sounds of Silence")

Palindromes are a dark friend.
Strange insights read from either end
They sometimes seem devoid of meaning.
Yet their impact comes careening
"In word-salad, alas drown I" - poor brain's lobes; 
Nasty strobes - 
The Palindromes of Evil.

So, "Evil axis - six alive"
Sends "Delivery reviled"
Message said, "Hades unused, ah!
I learned, "Ah, Satan sees Natasha"
Advice received, "Bats enliven evil nest, Ab"
"Bats, odd, do stab" - 
The Palindromes of Evil.

It "Wets dab noses on bad stew"
"Stack cats"; "We panic in a pew"
People writing, "Nightlife - filth, gin"
"Dennis, Nell, Edna and Ellen sinned"
"Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas"; "Gnu dung"
But, no one sung,
"Satan, I prefer piƱatas".

"Borrow or rob"; "Di, as I said", 
"Hell, eh?";  "Denial slain, Ed"
They hear "No word, no bond; row on
Please "No lava, not on Avalon"
"Golf-flog"; "Lisa Bonet ate no basil"
"Evil Olive"
"Slap pals"; "Lived on, no devil"

"Stole lots"; "Rotator"; folks were stunned;
"No dare - radon"  (that was punned)
"Murder for a jar of red rum"
Forming "Model truth: turtledom"
And the sign flashed out "Egad! No bondage
"Yaw bus. Civic subway" - rails,
And "Liar trail"s
"Re-paper"- Palindromes of Evil...

Performing Notes

Fadd9 = 0013; Asus2 = 2200; Gadd9 = 2232

Monday 4 April 2016

A Rollicking Irish Ballad About the Key Role of South Carolina: "ELECTION-RACE ANAGRAMS"

POST #122
WORDPLAY LINK: Creative cartography derived from anagrams is highlighted and explained on our companion blog, "Edifying Nonsense". See Wordplay post #16 for an explanation of the derivation of the anagrams, and the development of the "anagram sister-city initiative".
ORIGINAL SONG: "Black Velvet Band" traditional Irish song, as arranged by the Irish Rovers 1967. Of note, the Irish Rovers' 50th and putatively final tour has just ended with St Patrick's Day concerts in Vancouver and Nanaimo BC. 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, March 2016.

KEYWORDS: wordplay, cartography, goldenoldy

Logo for
Irish Rovers'
50th Anniversary Tour 


(to the tune of "Black Velvet Band") 

In that neat southern town they call CHARLESTON
(Which unscrambles to Northlea SC)
A WAR ravages South Caroli-ina - 
It's that raw anagram rivalry.

With just eight electoral ballots
She's hardly the queen of the land
But what makes a great STATE (try teatstesta- )
Is a taste for some great anagrams. 

Her 'I's help polish REPUBLICANS
While DEMOCRATS host 'O' and 'T';
What distinguishes South Caroli-ina - 
All the partisans have 'S' and 'C'.

If electoral maps you do ponder
'Cause November is not very far
The battle's 3 critical RA-(A)CES
Are CA and SC and AR.

Well, the Blues have locked up the Seaboard
From MainE's Sodcart to Coaster MD
Very few Republican voters
Until Usable Rip in NC.

The Central view is quite different - 
There Democrats won't do too well.
Reds carry the day in Bunslicer PA,
Puce's Barn and Spun Brace in IL.

Out West, Democrats are sure winners
(A fact that's astounding to know)
With Arse Doc in MT and Catmore SD
And Rest Dam and St Madre CO.

The South presents a mixed picture - 
Blues unrivaled in Redcoat MS 
While in LA and AL-aba-ama
Reds are victors -  there's no need to guess.

The swing states include CAlifornia
Whose anagrams tilt to'ard the Red 
So in Burplines and Burnspiel there's Nil Superb 
What was once a Close rAce is now dead.

That leaves us with South Carolina
The queen of both sides' anagrams.
There's Tea DormArt Mode and Red A-atom  
 Mod'rateTeardomMeat Rod and Tore Dam.

Her 'I's help polish REPUBLICANS
While DEMOCRATS toast 'O' and 'T';
What distinguishes South Caroli-ina ? 
All partisans have 'S' and 'C'.

Now come all ye Palinrube voters
Take Bluer Pain warning by me
Whenever you're out at the Lineup Bar
Look for Alpine Rub in SC.
There's Unripe Lab, Urban Pile, Prunebail
And Burial Pen - can't you see
With each Nubile Rap, ev'ry Alien Burp
There are great anagrams in SC. 

 Her 'I's help polish REPUBLICANS
While DEMOCRATS host 'O' and 'T';
What distinguishes South Caroli-ina - 
All partisans boast 'S' and 'C'.