Thursday 19 May 2022

Uke-Song: John Denver's "INDIANA SONG", as sung by columnist George Will

Image result for john denver annie's songSatire with Substituted Lyrics, (also, published limericks on this topic are cited later in the blogpost).
ORIGINAL SONG:  "Annie's Song" by John Denver, 1974.
Enjoy Denver's recording here on Youtube. 
SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, May 2018. To see the lyrics displayed more concisely without the chord-indications (and to return to the corresponding date's post on "Daily Illustrated Nonsense"), click HERE

SONGLINK: Readers interested in this topic might also enjoy Giorgio's songs on these earlier blogposts:   "Rosenstein", "Brennan's Tweet", "First Year on the Range".

BACKGROUND INFO: George Will's opinion-editorial  was published in the Washington Post under the rubric "Trump is no longer the worst person in government". It appeared in our local newspaper on May 10, 2018, under the heading "Mike Pence sets sad standard for governing by groveling."
Here is the link to the particular newspaper column which generated all the interest.


to the tune of "Annie's Song"


George Will  'conservative political commentator' and popular columnist with the Washington Post Writer's Group.
Mike Pence  Vice-President 2017- . Previous experience as Republican governor of his home-state of Indiana. Described as 'conspicuously devout' by Will, presumably picked for his current post due to his freedom from financial or lifestyle imbroglios. 
Donald Trump  President, 2016-.
"Sheriff Joe" Arpaio   controversial local political figure in Arizona, self-styled as 'America's toughest sheriff', convicted of contempt of court in relation to repeated racially charged practices, 'pardoned' by Trump in 2017.
John McCain   high-profile long-serving senator from Arizona, Republican candidate for President in 2008, struggling with terminal brain cancer at the time of these events.

UKULELE-FRIENDLY FORMAT (and guitar, too, perhaps with a capo!)

(Click on any chord-chart slide to move to 'song-presentation mode'; then navigate through thumbnails at bottom of page.)

Specifics for C-tuned ukulele:
F = 2010;  Fsus4 = 2011;  Bb = 3211; Dm = 2210; FM7 = 5500 or 2410;
F6 = 2213; Am = 2000;  Gm = 0231.  


Authors of verses are shown here in italics.
Once you've entered the site, find the verse you want by scrolling down a bit and entering the WORD USED (e.g. Arpaio), or the LIMERICK APPROVED (e.g. 100807). 

Mike Pence 
#99721 (2016) Len Farano  ' " Apologize!" tweeted the man. '

Donald Trump 
Verses are too numerous to list here.

Joe Arpaio
#99153 (2017) MikeAq   ' You ask, "Why, why-o-why, why-o-why-o 
#100807 (2018) Len Farano  ' The judgment against you was gross '
#T471743 (2018) Giorgio Coniglio ' Though Trump's base found the concept beguiling '

John McCain 
#96387 (2016) MikeAq ' "The crazies," remarked John McCain '

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