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Song Medley with Adapted Limerick Verses, a continuation of a previous post , where you can find the first five melodies in the series.
ORIGINAL SONGS: as per links.
LINKED LIMERICK MEDLEYS: Lyrics by Giorgio Coniglio set to the music of the indicated songs, mostly shown in previous blogposts.
SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, 2017 and 2018. Hotlinks are given for  posts using these new musical adaptations, and will be updated when possible.


6. "OCHI CHORNYE" ("DARK EYES" – ‘traditional’ Russian 1884)
Oh, those gorgeous eyes, dark and glorious eyes
Burn-with-passion eyes, how you hypnotize.
How I adore you so, / how I fear you though
Since I say you glow! Now my spirit’s low!

Limerick Adaptation 
(Moderate changes)
Once was oligarch from Nantucket
Stuck all cash in pail. Tax? He’d duck it.
But his daughter Nan / Had a man with plan --
Informed KGB, then stole bucket.

Hotlink to lyrics blogpost "RUSSIAN HACKING: Red Army Choir Sings Classical Limericks".

7. "ODE TO JOY" ("AN DIE FREUDE"; adapted  by L. von Beethoven 1824 for his Ninth [choral] Symphony 
from a poem by Friedrich Schiller 1785; designated the Anthem of Europe in 1972.)
Deine Zauber binden wieder
Was die Mode streng geteilt;
Alle Menschen werden Brüder
Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

Limerick Adaptation (significant changes)
In a case that Freud had mentioned,
Dean hid fortune in a can.
Daughter Joy found lottery winnings,
Filched his bucket; off she ran.

Hotlink to Wikipedia 'ODE TO JOY'.

8. THE SLOOP ‘JOHN B’ (traditional Bahamian, recorded by Kingston Trio 1958)
Oh, we came on the sloop ‘John B’ – my grandfather and me
‘Round Nassau town we did roam.
Drinkin’ all night, we got into a fight.
Oh, I feel so break-up, I wanna go home.

Limerick Adaptation (significant changes)
My Grandpa felt out of luck; on Nantucket he was stuck,
So credit cards and cash he hid in a pail;
Til his daughter Nan / rowed off with her man;
They’d plucked Pop's bucket, but now they’re in jail.

Hotlink to Wikipedia 'THE SLOOP JOHN B'.


C-tuned ukulele specifics:
DARK EYES (Ochi Chornye)
Gm = 0213
AN DIE FREUDE (Ode to Joy)
Bb = 3211;  Bbs2 = 3213; F7 = 2310

At this point you might wish to return to the post 'Singable Lyrics: Novel Melodies for Limericks' HERE

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Canadian Canoe-Song: "LOST COUNTRY"

Young canoeist in the bow,
Sunset on Bass Lake, Ontario
ORIGINAL SONG: "Lost River" by Michael Martin Murphey, most famously performed in conjunction with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band here.
Key lyrics from the original, retained in the parody version, include lines in the chorus about a "Quebec girl" and "fleur de lis". Murphey is in fact married to a Québécoise, and, as the song's protagonist presumably wishes to take her on a trip of rediscovery to the nostalgia-generating "lost river" of his youth. For those interested, the original song is shown in ukulele-friendly form at the bottom of the post.

SONG-LYRIC UNDERPINNINGS:  December 2013, on this blog, entitled "Canoeing Lesson (Canoe, Canoe, Canoe, Canoe, Canoe)",  based on the original song  "I Do, etc." by ABBA, 1975. This earlier concoction also builds on the relevance of Berton's concept.
WORDPLAY LINK:  Post #136 from September 2018 on our wordplay blog "EDIFYING NONSENSE" has 7 limerick verses devoted to various aspects of canoeing.
PARODY COMPOSED:  Giorgio Coniglio, December, 2018, based on the precedents of song-lyrics and limerick verses, with a few new twists. If you like, you could also review the lyrics alone (without the chord indications) on "Edifying Nonsense"; click HERE.

"A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe", Pierre Berton, eminent Canadian journalist, editor, historian and author.

(to the tune of "Lost River" by M. M. Murphey) 
songwriter and performer

for those who might have missed the pun, the French word for 'lake' is lac.

UKULELE-FRIENDLY FORMAT (and guitar, banjo, mandolin etc!)

(Click on any chord-chart slide to move to 'song-presentation mode'; then navigate through thumbnails at bottom of page.)

Playing notes: You can convert this into a simple 4 chord song by simply eliminating the 9th and 6th chords in the following charts. If you can play them, however, it does add an appealing folk-music quality to the otherwise C-and-W sound.

Specifics for C-tuned ukulele:

F9 = 0010; Bb  = 3211;  C9 = 0201;  Bb6 = 0211 

for those who might have missed the pun, the French word for 'lake' is lac.

* Pierre Trudeau, father of Justin and himself Prime Minister (1968-1984) of Canada, was for a time prior to undertaking his marriage and family-life reputed to be a lady's man. His exploits as an adventurer included canoeing trips to Canada's Arctic and elsewhere. His pointed remarks at opponents included the rather well-known use of the expression 'fuddle-duddle', presumably a debatably innocuous variant of the more established 'fiddle-faddle'. The suggestion in the verse is allegorical, as there are no canoeing strokes named for the Prime Minister. 

(ballad by Michael Martin Murphey) - click on any verse box to enlarge.


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Uke-song for Lewis Carroll: 'The Animals' Rock-Band Sings "JABBERWOCKY"

  The authors of this blog, Dr. G.H. and his registered pseudonym Giorgio, have been fans for a long time of "Jabberwocky", the iconic nonsense-poem revealed and discussed in Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass" (1871). On our other blogs, you can find the poem "Mergerwocky", a poetic parody on Jabberwocky that we later realized could be sung to the tune of "The House of the Rising Sun". Your current authors do acknowledge that singing a version of "Jabberwocky" itself has been achieved by the British folk-rock singer-composer Donovan, a pastiche that is recorded in his 1971 album of childrens' songs "HMS Donovan". (Click HERE for the YouTube version.)

(parody lyrics to the tune of the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun")

UKULELE-FRIENDLY FORMAT (and guitar, too!)
(Click on any chord-chart slide to move to 'song-presentation mode'; then navigate through thumbnails at the bottom of the page.)

C-tuned ukulele specifics:
Gm = 0231; Gm7 = 0211; C(add)9 0203; Eb = 0331; D7+5 = 2233; Gmsus(+) = 0233


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NOVEL MELODIES for Singing Limericks

Song Medley with Adapted Limerick Verses

ORIGINAL SONGS: as per links.
LINKED LIMERICK MEDLEYS: Lyrics by Giorgio Coniglio set to the music of the indicated songs, mostly shown in previous blogposts.
SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, March 2017. Note that updated hotlinks are given for subsequent posts using these new musical adaptations. 

A followup with more novel melodies has been composed for December 2018.


(Click on any chord-chart slide to move to 'song-presentation mode'; then navigate through thumbnails at bottom of page.)

Dm7 = 2213;  G7 = 0121;  E7 = 1202;  E7+5 = 1203;  As4 = 2200;  Cs4 = 0013.
DM = 2210;  As7 = 0200; A7  = 0100; Dm7 = 2213;  Gm= 0231;  D7s = 2233;  Gm7 = 0211;  Bb7 = 1211;  A7+5 = 0110;  Fdim7 = 1212.
Fm = 1013
C7s = 0011

Continue HERE for more novel melodies!

1. "WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW" (Carole King, 1960)
Tonight you're mine completely
You give your love so sweetly.
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes.
Will you still love me to-morrow?

Limerick Adaptation 
(No changes from original lyrics needed)
There once was a man from Nantucket,
Who kept all his cash in a bucket,
Til his daughter named Nan / ran away with a man
And as for the bucket – Nan took it.

Hot Link to "Singable Limerick-Medley #26: "FROM COASTAL CAROLINA

2. "SUMMERTIME" (George Gershwin, 1935)
Summertime, and the living is easy;
Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high.
Oh, your Daddy’s rich, and your Ma is good-lookin’,
So hush, little baby, don’t you cry.

Limerick Adaptation
 (Minor changes)
Summer guy, lived on the isle of Nantucket:
All his cash he stuffed in a bucket to hide,
Til his daughter Nan / ran away with a Mande
And as for the bucket, “She took it!”, he cried.

Hot Link to "Singable Limerick-Medley #27: AN ICELANDIC SUMMERTIME SAGA"   

3. "HOME ON THE RANGE" (U.S., ‘traditional’, 1872)
Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam,
Where the deer and the antelope play,
Where seldom is heard / a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Limerick Adaptation (Minor changes)
A cowboy came west from Nantucket, invested
His cash in a saddle and bucket;
Sad, his daughter named Nan / rode away with a ranch-hand

And as for the saddle – Nan took it.

Hot Link to "Singable Limerick-Medley #21: "FIRST YEAR ON THE RANGE (reflections on President Trump's first year)".

4. "WAVES OF THE DANUBE"  ('traditional' Romanian waltz 1880, popularized as "The ANNIVERSARY SONG" by Al Jolson, 1946)
Oh, * * * how we danced * * *
On the night * * * we were wed * * *
We vowed * * * / our true love * * *
Though a word *** wasn’t said.

Limerick Adaptation (Minor changes)
The sad story of Stan from Nantucket,
Who stowed cash and stash in a bucket:
Hell, his partner named Jan / ran away with friend Anne.
And their plan? Well, Stan’s bucket – they took it.

Hot Link to "Singable Limerick-Medley #24: "AGING IN PLACE (SOMEWHERE)"

5. "SANTA LUCIA" (‘traditional’ Italian 1849, also adapted by Elvis Presley 1965)
Sul mare luccica, l’astro d’argento
Placida è l’onda, prospero il vento.
Venite all’agile; / Barchetta mia;
Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia!

Limerick Adaptation (Moderate changes)
There was a foolish man, lived on Nantucket,
Kept cash in his little boat, hid in a bucket.
One day his daughter Nan / Sailed off with an older man,
'Barchetta mia', and bucket -  Nan took it.


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