Monday 19 July 2021

Uke-Song for the Baseball Season: "TAKE OUR HATS OFF TO BORGE"


ORIGINAL SONG: "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" 1908, Norworth and von Tilzer, as performed by Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, spoofed by Victor Borge.

PARODY COMPOSED: Dr.G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, September 2013. 

The second verse invokes the sort of patron with whom you sometimes have to share the cheap-seats-section of your local ballpark. This variation on the baseball-park anthem is modified in following verses by the 'traditional' earlier start of lyrics versus music (“Borge-positive version”); the less well-known opposite distortion (“Borge-negative version”) is also shown. 

If you just want to look at the lyrics without the chord indications, you can review those in a near-simultaneous post on our blog "Daily Illustrated Nonsense" HERE.  


(to the tune of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame")

Performing Notes

F#7 = 3424; Cm =0333. The rest of the chords are pretty easy. What is tough is getting the cadence right for the lyric-tune-separation versions. You'll probably need to practice those a few times, if you want to perform this as a gig at your local ballpark, bar, or elsewhere!

[Bb] Victor's "Clown Prince of [F] Denmark” -
[Bb] Unique musical [F7] gags;
[G7] He detached lyrics and [Cm] melody - 
[C7] Spiffier spoof than an [F7] old parody.
For if [Bb] you can handle the [F7] offset
The [Bb] cadence will hit the [Eb] mark,
Seventh [Cm]In -[F#7]  ning  [Bb] home-run you’ll score
At the [C7] old [F7] ball[Bb]park.

[Bb] Tickets cheap for the [F] ballgame,
[Bb] Seats right up in the [F7] clouds;
[G7] We won’t buy overpriced [Cm] drinks and snacks -
[C7] Friends snuck in with a [F7] couple six-packs.
Let me [Bb] hoot and jeer at the [F7] home-team;
My [Bb] date’s dis[Bb7]mayed that she [Eb] came,
For it’s [Cm7] one, [F#7] two, [Bb] three beers you’re out
At the [C7] old [F7] ball[Bb]game.

(BORGE +ve Version): Lyrics advanced before music

………..   (Tickets)
[Bb] Cheap for the ballgame [F] seats right,
[Bb] Up in the clouds we [F7] won’t
[G7] Buy overpriced drinks and [Cm] snacks  - friends snuck
[C7] In with a couple six-[F7]-packs. Let me
Hoot and [Bb] jeer at the home-team;  [F7] my date’s
Dis[Bb]mayed that she [Bb7] came, for [Eb] it’s
One, two, [Cm7] three [F#7] beers [Bb] you’re out at the
Old ball[C7]game.   xxx-xxx.

(BORGE –ve Version): Lyrics delayed

[Bb] xxx-xxx. Tickets cheap [F] for the
[Bb] Ballgame, seats right up [F7] in
[G7] The clouds, we won’t buy drinks [Cm] overpriced
[C7] And snacks - Friends snuck in [F7] with a couple
 Six-[Bb]packs; let me hoot and jeer [F7] at the
 Home-[Bb]-team, my [Bb7] date’s dismayed [Eb] that
 She came, [Cm7] for  [F#7] it’s [Bb] one, two, three beers
 You’re out [C7] at [F7] the [Bb] old
……….. (ballgame).