Thursday 19 December 2019

Uke-Song to accompany a Coen Bros film: "JAILHOUSE, NOW"


ORIGINAL SONG: "In the Jailhouse Now", Jimmie Rodgers, 1928, recorded by many artists, including Webb Pierce, Merle Haggard, Chet Atkins and Leon Russell; a somewhat different version was recorded by Johnny Cash. Most recently the song, as performed by Tim Blake Nelson and The 'Soggy Bottom Boys' appeared in the filmscript and on the soundtrack of the Coen Brother's film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". Check out the YouTube video here.
For those interested, the original song is shown in ukulele-friendly form in the key of G at the bottom of the post. A very-ukulele-friendly video of the original song in the key of C can be found on YouTube here.   
PARODY COMPOSED: Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, March 2019.

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(to the tune of "In the Jailhouse Now")

UKULELE-FRIENDLY FORMAT (and guitar, mandolin, banjo etc., too!)

(Click on any chord-chart slide to move to 'song-presentation mode'; then navigate through thumbnails at bottom of page.)