Thursday 2 February 2017

Singable Limerick-Medley: THE GREAT OUTDOORS

POST #140
 Singable Limericks 
ORIGINAL SONG: These verses can be sung to  "The Limerick Song", as per YouTube here.
LIMERICK VERSE:  Original lyrics composed and set to music by Giorgio Coniglio, November 2016.
EXPLANATORY NOTES: Many of these verses have also been published at the online humor dictionary OEDILF , as noted. In some cases, the title of the verse shown below has been modified from the "defined word" listed at

WORDPLAY LINK: You might enjoy some postings on our wordplay blog "EDIFYING NONSENSE". In particular with respect to the great outdoors, you might enjoy a collection entitled "Reverse Strokes: Limericks about Canoeing". 


1. Stinkhorn Fungus (Red Basket Fungus)
2. Bee Stings
3. Caterpillars
4. Geysers
5. Muskoka (Summer Breaks)
6. Urban Green Spaces


(To the tune of "The Limerick Song". Display of the lyrics has been condensed to 4 lines for each verse, with internal rhyming in line 3, rather than the more customary 5-line limerick format.)

1. Is it plausible aliens brung us
That bizarre life-form, red basket fungus?
How I wish we could ban it, send it back to its planet, 
But alas, it has settled among us.

    Nature’s nerf-ball, it’s named for its stench --
Your eyes water and teeth want to clench. 
It's designed, no surprise, to attract swarms of flies 
To its home near your new garden bench.
… which could put off a swain or a wench.

2. For most 'bee stings' the bees take the fall,
Though it isn't the bees' fault at all;
Vespine pests, yellow jackets undertake an attack; it's
A typical day's ER call.

3. We'd converse there on any old matter-fillers.
"Aren't you glad they don't have they don't have rowdy caterpillars.
Chew the fat, shady yard, though of hearing we're hard,
Unperturbed by loud vermiform patter-killers."

4. An old Yellowstone Park tour-adviser
Could predict like a geezer much wiser:
"Pressure rises in chasms; vapour gushes in spasms —
It's magma's heat driving that geyser."

5. So, Muskoka has rock-rimmed blue lakes,
Worth the effort that getting there takes.
Leave the grimy hot city — Woods and wetlands so pretty,
For our otter-loon-perch summer breaks.

6. You would fret about where canines pee
And go poop if, like me, you're a tree.
Our curbside green zone, pesty pets, leave alone! 
"Owners, help keep our walks urine- free!"

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