Tuesday, 16 April 2019

An environmental protest song: COACH the NESTLINGS

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ORIGINAL SONG: "Teach Your Children" 1970, lyrics by Graham Nash, recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

For reference, the original song is shown with ukulele chords at the bottom of the post.   

PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, April 2019. 


(to the tune of Teach Your Children)


The Original Song: 

Monday, 1 April 2019

WEST COAST NOSTALGIA: Al Jolson sings 'CALI (-fornia)'

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ORIGINAL SONG: "Swanee" 1919, music by George Gershwin, aged 20 at that point; lyrics by Irving Caesar; notably recorded by Al Jolson in 1920 and immediately became a major hit. (By today's standard, political incorrectness exudes from the YouTube video.)  Note that "California, Here I Come" 1924, often called 'the unofficial state song' of California, is a totally different creation, although popularized by the same artist.

For reference, the original song is shown with ukulele chords at the bottom of the post.   

PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, April 2019; following a trip to California, photos were added to the verse-slides.

CALI  (-fornia)

(to the tune of Gershwin and Jolson's "Swanee")

CA’s your postal designation – 
Confusion for this old Canuck.
But I recall     
Having a ball                              
(As a kid down there I'd snuck).

I’m going back as an old codger,
To see my son in academe.
The kid’s no fool,     
In graduate school;
Together we’ll explore this meme.

Cali, how I love ya, how I love ya,
My dear old Cali.  
I’d give my URL to be                           
Among the geeks in S-I-L-I-C-O-N,     
That’s ‘Valley’. I could groove there! 
Should I move there? Silicon Valley.
To folks back home, I’ll  e-mail or post 
When I get to that old West Coast.

Muni, Muni
‘Round San Francisco: Muni.
Silicon Valley -
BART’s where I’ll leave my heart.

Cali: Fillmore Jazz and Alcatraz,
In my dear old Cali.  
Historic trolleys - fun
And cable cars climb halfway to the sun     
Or Santa Clara (San Jose – I lost my way!) 
There’s Jack Kerouac Alley
The City Lights will  be within reach 
At Little Italy / North Beach. 

Muni, Muni
I’ll fill my ‘Clipper’, Muni.
(They won’t take twonies)
BART’s where I’ll leave my heart.

Cali, here I come, I’ll sing and strum, 
'Bout my dear old Cali.  
('Cause when I'm gone I'll mourn                           
Not being there in C-A-L-I California.)     
Cali: How to get there? 
I could jet there! I’ll need to rally.
To folks back east, sure, I’ll brag and I’ll boast,
When I go to that West Coast, 
I'll dally at the best coast, 
When I go that old West Coast.

UKULELE-FRIENDLY FORMAT (and guitar, too!)
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C-tuned Ukulele specifics:
C+5 = 1003;  Cm = 0333;  G#7 = 1323;  Dm7 = 2213;  G7sus = 0213;  Dm6 = 2212. 


The original song appears to have been parodied only occasionally. Nonetheless, readers may be quite interested to review a parody concocted in 2005 by 'Airfarcewon' on AmIRight, a song-lyrics website with almost 90,000 entries.
Lyrics for the song "Salami" can be found here.

(click on any verse chart to move to thumbnail selection mode; this will allow you to compare the original with the parody-song at your ease)