Friday 22 November 2013

Revisited Poetry: Selected Haiku Verses

Original Poetry:  
G.A Hurwitz J Nucl Cardiol 2003: Reprinted with permission of the author. 
Verses relevant to Nuclear Cardiology written in classic haiku format.


Such good friends we have:
And fluorine-18.

Now a blunted curve
Toxic doxorubicin.
The sword is too sharp.

Rays spring then scatter 
Within the female breast. Man
Deflects photons too.

Our technologists, 
Long hours the manuals read,
Know what we cannot.

Mrs. Dunns small vein
Injection interstitial.
The first-pass is past.

I click on Half-Life
And correct for decay my
Image, not my life.

No symptoms were voiced, 
Yet silent ischemia
Still howls on the scan.

Procrustean bed! Beats fit
On some better days.

Esteemed doctors, you
Over-rate dobutamine.
Please hold the blockers.

In sorrow I view,
With my platelets restrained, the
Scars of those whose werent.

New kidney hoped for.
Could we delve the souls resolve
Leaving arms untouched?

Re-boot the network
At your ease. Be fleet-of-foot
Should the patient crash.

Grafted allegro 
Or final ritardando?
 - Delayed thallium.

Old Nukes staff dont fade
By apoptosis. Our pace
Is logarithmic.

Enhanced by nitrates,
What seems inevitable
Might prove livable.

Is by no means nuclear,
Til you reach its Heart.

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