Monday 25 November 2013

Shakespearean Scintigraphic Verse: SPECTiloquy

ORIGINAL POEM:   Monologue, Act iii, Shakepeare's "Hamlet".
PUBLISHED POETRY: J Nucl Cardiol 2001; reprinted with modification, with permission of the author.

Keywords: medical, poem


MIBI or not MIBI  that is confusion.

Whether tis sooner in the morn to schedule

The slice and planars of four-valenced Fosmin

Or to tape arms; or switch to sonic bubbles,

And harmonising, spin them. To back-project

No more  yet by a scan know hard events,

The infarcts and the cardiogenic shock

That FLASH may err to; tis prognostication

Most worthy to be JACCed. Supine? No creep?

To buy  perchance to lease. Aye, theres the rub;

For from that Fund of Dreams, what grants may come

When we have fended off the MR coil

Might give us PET! Theres FDG

That checks viability of so long life.

For who would bear the weak and scattered rays,

The Plot-Polars wrong, non-prone mans false-positive,

The shade of displaced breast, 4-hour delay,

The overcrowded office and the jerks

That patients jittry neath the camera make,

When he himself might his retirement take

With a part pension? Who would BATOs flare,

To rush and sweat such a short bio-life?

But that for stress perfusion after SPECT,

The cyclotronic cash-sink from whose beam

No billables return triples the cost,

And makes us rather milk the Tech [Tc99m] we have

Than Five-Elevens that we slow nought of.

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