Sunday 19 January 2020

Uke-Song in the Style of The Beatles: "RELIC SUBMARINES"

U.S.S. Clamagore at Patriots Point
(background: Arthur Ravenel Bridge, in fog)

ORIGINAL SONG:  "Yellow Submarine", The Beatles 1966, with lead vocals by Ringo Starr.
BACKGROUND: Giorgio's substitute lyrics draw on his personal experience as an occasional denizen of South Carolina. With prominent tourist sites for the display of submarines from the Civil War, World War II and the Cold War, Charleston SC and the adjacent suburb of Mt Pleasant seem like a grim version of the Beatles' fantasy "land of submarines".
PARODY COMPOSED: Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, December 2018.

SONGLINKS: Giorgio's other satire lyrics substituted to Beatles' songs include "Vonnegut" (Imagine); "Saturday Night" (Yesterday); "Brennan's Tweet" (Let It Be); "Jake" (While My Guitar Gently Weeps).
Another song posted here relates to nuclear brinksmanship during the cold war. You might enjoy Giorgio's "Broken Arrow", to the tune of the Eagle's "Desperado". And then, there's a more recent take on the North Korea debacle, "Something to Groan About", to the tune of Oscar Brand's "Something to Sing About".  

WORDPLAY LINK: For further discussion and illustrations of submarines in Charleston, South Carolina, check our sister blogsite "EDIFYING NONSENSE", by clicking here(You can also find a simpler version of the parody-lyrics for this song displayed without the chords, should you desire.)


(to the tune of "Yellow Submarine")


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