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PARODY-LYRICS, based on traditional poetry (limericks)
ORIGINAL SONG: "Simple Twist of FateBob Dylan 1975; covers by Diana Krall and Sean Costello are recommended.
ORIGINAL POETRY: At Wikipedia (click here), you can find a discussion of limericks dealing with the 'man from Nantucket'.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, June 2016. 
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1. "There once was a man from Nantucket" (clean version) - 3 verses, unattributed .
2. "There once was a man from Nantucket" (dirty version) - cleaned up by G.C.
3. "A gross, a dozen,  and a score" - Leigh Mercer
4. Chorus. "People say it makes them sick" - Giorgio Coniglio


(to the tune of "Simple Twist of Fate")

1. There was a family from Nantucket:
Pa kept cash hid in a bucket,
Til one day his daughter took it
Daughter name of Nan - 
She ran off with a man. 
Pa felt things might get worse, and 
Watched out for a simple twist of verse. 

    Pa followed couple to Pawtucket -
Little Nan and cash-filled bucket. 
Just before old Pa retook it,
He said to the man, 
"You’re welcome to keep Nan.” 
He uttered a terse curse, and  
Moved off with a simple twist of verse. 

    The couple trailed him to Manhasset
Pa held cash there as an asset.
Pail in question? Now man has it;
They stole cash and ran - 
Nan with her new man –  
She stuffed it in her purse, and  
Forgot about a simple twist of verse.

2. They had a neighbor from Nantucket
On the island he was stuck; 
Bad reputation, couldn’t chuck it, 
Based on body build –  
Girls found him too ‘strong-willed’, 
Which fate could not reverse, 
Brought on by a simple twist of verse. 

3. A gross, a dozen and a score
Plus three times the square root of  four;
Divide by seven, no whit more, 
And add eleven fives, 
And hope your brain survives; 
That’s nine squared per Leigh Mercer 
Cited in this twisted limerick verse. 

4. People say it makes them sick
To hear too many limericks;
I fear it has become my shtick,
But now I've lost the knack,
With no good jokes to crack --
A tendency perverse;
Blame it on a simple twist of verse.

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Leigh Mercer, author of the underlying mathematical limerick, is best known for his palindrome, "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama"


This song continues at post #129 - "Bob Dylan Sings More Classic Limerick-Lyrics".

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