Wednesday 2 September 2015

Re-Posted Environmental Riposte: Kilmer's "Trees" Updated

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G. Coniglio surveying trees 
 N. shore of L. Erie, 2013
ORIGINAL POEM: "Trees" Joyce Kilmer 1914, set to music by O. Rosbach 1922, performed by Nelson Eddy, The Platters, Bob McGrath etc. 
The poem was the subject of a famous 4-line parody by Ogden Nash entitled "Song of the Open Road", 1932; it has been the subject of many other parodies subsequently.
PARODY LYRICS: G. Hurwitz - J Nuclear Cardiology 2000; by permission of the author, 
PARODY COMPOSED: modified lyrics posted with permission by Giorgio Coniglio at, May 2013.

KEYWORDS: poetry, classicsong, environment

An iconic tree
Fabric Artwork by RCH

"TREES", Updated

(to the tune of "Trees")

1. Singable Introduction

Joyce Kilmer wrote his simple rhyme,

That seems to stand the test of time,

Perhaps assailed by Ogden Nash,

Kilmer family home, Mahwah NJ.
Who lived to see some billboards crash;

For such, trees die in droves we know

On clear-cut slopes in Borneo.

Where Kilmer’s sylvan spirits dwelled

Stretch cattle-fields with dryads felled;

On REDD* we must rely, methinks,

To save our threatened carbon-sinks.

Bless our species, prone to gawk,

While someone clubs the last Great Auk.

*Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, programs of incentives directed at underdeveloped nations under the aegis of the UN and World Bank.

2. Kilmer's Iconic Poem, Updated

I fear that I shall never view

A spoof that gobbles CO2.

Rough drafts - their scribbled nest o’erflows
Ogden Nash, poet and humorist

The Blue-Box prest against my toes.

And spoofs get hungry – ask their sire -

For watts that flow down printer wire.

Both home and office still it seems

Consume their daily MegaReams.
Once de-composed, spoofs’ souls will pass

Into the stock of greenhouse gas.

(The ozone loss from page and line

Intimidates the Northern Pine).

God’s Earth will fry ere Hell  may freeze,

Save forests, don’t print parodies. 


F#dim7 = 2,3,2,3; G7sus=0,2,1,3
Bb9 = 1,2,1,3
[C] I fear that I shall never [Dm] view
[Fm] A spoof that gobbles CO[C7]2[C9]
[F] Rough drafts - their [F#dim7]scribbled nest o’er[C]flows
[C7] The Blue-Box prest against my [F] toes.
[Bm7] And spoofs get [C] hungry – ask their [D7] sire -
 [G7] For watts that [G7s] flow down printer [C] wire.
[C] Both home and office still it [Dm] seems 
[Fm] Consume their daily Mega[C7]Reams.[C9]
[F] Once de-com[F#dim7]posed, spoofs’ souls will [C] pass
[C7] Into the stock of greenhouse [F] gas.
[Fm] God’s Earth will [C] fry ere Hell   [F#dim7] may [D7] freeze,
[Bb9]  Save forests, [Dm7] don’t print paro[C]dies. 

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