Monday 16 February 2015

A Selfie: That's Your Forte

POST #72
ORIGINAL SONG: "That's Amore", Dean Martin, 1953.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, February 2015.

Explanatory Notes
As in Dino’s original, there are only a few Italian words you need to learn.
Forse = maybe, perhaps; dal cuore = from the heart.


Dominion Hotel,
painting: David Crichton
(to the tune of "That's Amore")

INTRO (Tremolo)
In old T.O., where Queen meets King,
On Wednesday nights, here's what they sing...

When they asked you to play, you accepted half-way
Thatsa forse.
(Maybe thatsa new word, but it shouldn’t be slurred
Say it ‘for-say’)

You begin, everyone joins in, forty players sing,
Strum their strings - Ukuleles.

Dominion  Hotel,
 photo 1945
Tune they’ve heard, new satiric words, slides display the chords,

They’re observed chortling gaily.

When you strain to play loud to be heard by the crowd

Thatsa forte.

What your uke-friends expect - in old lyrics inject

A new twist.

When the word-play you’ve subbed rings out in that old pub
Dal cuore,
You’ve invented, you see, ‘Strum-Along Parody’,
That’s your forte.
meeting of theCorktown Ukulele Jam

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