Monday 21 July 2014

Toronto Neighbourhood Song: "TTC VOICES"

POST #51
ORIGINAL SONG (music and lyrics)
MELODY: generic railway song (chorus similar to "New River Train")
LYRICS: Giorgio Coniglio, January 2013. 

AVenue Rd and DAVenport Rd 
CARLeton St and PARLiament St
GERrard St and SHERbourne St
YORK St and Queen's QUAY
KING St and QUEEN St, main streets that run parallel through the downtown, then intersect where they cross the Don River


We're riding the Red Rocket - TTC
It's the urban transportation mode for me.
When I die, don't make a fuss
Waive the hearse I'll take the bus !
I'm a discount-senior transit devotee.

(Voice #1)
Near my penthouse flat at Av and Dav
Castled hills and toney shops and trats are what you have.
To avoid those traffic fines,
I speed up Spadina Line,
 And save my dime for trips to Waikiki.

We're riding the Red Rocket  - TTC
It's the trusted transportation grid for me.
I would only jump on GO
To get west past Mimico
I'm a discount-senior transit devotee.

(Voice #2)
Beside the hillside farm at Carl and Parl 
Where streetcars veer toward the Valley, squeal but seldom snarl
As at other petting zoos
You'll hear bleats neighs, oinks and moos
But look down and see stalled traffic from afar.

We're riding the Red Rocket - TTC
It's the urban transportation mode for me.
I would only take a cab
To get laid out on a slab
I'm a discount-senior transit devotee.

(Voice #3)
I camp out in the park near Ger and Sher
Where what we smoke and drink and introduce ain't always pure.
I can't dance that shelter jive,
I'm just trying to survive,
Please spare me change for lunch and TTC.

We poor folks, we may still need to commute,
Though paying higher mil-rates you taxpayers may not suit -
Homeless, school-kids, unemployed,
Nanny for great-uncle Floyd,
 We're all discount urban transit devotees. 

(Voice #4)
I perch above the Lake at York and Quay (kway? kwhy?) 
Where yachts are docked you see so many towers block the sky,
Angels, Orioles, Jays and owls
Watch for Sky-Dome balls hit foul,
While the Mariners, Rays and Pirates sail the seas (the harbour?)

We're riding the Red Rocket - TTC
It's the urban transportation mode for me.
I could start up my old tank,
But I'd rather walk the plank,
Or even watch old ballgames on TV.

(Voice #5)
Back home in my large garage near Keele and Steeles
Where life, as it rolls on, is sure dependent on 4 wheels;
SUVs and mowing grass,
I could use relief from gas,
Earth and I would fare much better - TTC.

You too could ride Red Rocket into town.
It's the eco-friendly way to keep those greenhouse gases down.
You'll reduce your income tax,
Just submit your Metro-Pass
Labelled " new suburban subway devotee"

(Voice #6)
It's our Physics lunch at University-
College-cars accelerate, but seldom approach 'c'.
 We learn "Think, therefore I am",
Munch your sandwich on the tram,
It's where Einstein dreamed up relativity.
Looking down the track what can we see?
A better system for posterity.
We should work on frequent trains, 
And forget the 'gravy-stains',
Let's perfect our city's gem, the TTC.

(Voice #7)
My Queen-, your King sees how it ought to be,
It's signed and sealed and witnessethed in my last Will-and-T,
When my time is done and gone,
Strew my ashes cross the Don,
Donate my last token to the TTC.

We're riding the Red Rocket - TTC
It's the urban transportation mode for you and you and me.
When we die, don't make a fuss
Waive the hearse we'll take the bus !
We're all discount-senior transit devotees.

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