Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Uke-Song upgrade of an American folk-ballad: "VLAD PUTIN'S BLOGGER"


ORIGINAL SONG: "The Frozen Logger", an American folksong of the tall-tale variety, was written by James Stevens in 1928 and published in 1949. It has been recorded by The Weavers in 1951, and subsequently by many other artists including Johnny Cash and Oscar Brand. 
For those interested, the original song is shown in ukulele-friendly form at the bottom of the post. BTW, if you play guitar or other stringed instrument, it should be easy to transpose these charts to the key of your choice (or send me a request or complaint in the Comments section).
PARODY COMPOSED:  Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, February 2019.

WORDPLAY LINK: You can also find some related satire, without the need to sing, on our wordplay blog "Edifying Nonsense", as in the posting for these lyrics.  (To get started there, you might enjoy the blogpost "Slogans for the Occasion".) 

FURTHER INFORMATION: A presidential quote from January 2019, in reference to the suspected perpetrators indicted by the Mueller probe.
 "Among the 34 people, many of them were bloggers from Moscow or people who had nothing to do with me, had nothing to do with what they were talking about or there were people who got caught telling stories or lying … I think it's a terrible thing (that has) happened to this country, because this investigation is a witch hunt." 


(to the tune of "The Frozen Logger")

UKULELE-FRIENDLY FORMAT ( and guitar, too!)

(Click on any chord-chart slide to move to 'song-presentation mode'; then navigate through thumbnails at bottom of page.)

(Click on any verse-slide to enlarge and compare the original and parody-versions)  

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