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Uke -Song: "CAROLINA WINTER MORNING" (a snowbird's lament)


ORIGINAL SONG: "Carolina in the Morning" written 1922, best-known version is by Al Jolson.

PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, January 2014, in response to an unusual weather phenomonon.
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Southern subdivision

Ravenel Bridge, SC,
from Mt Pleasant to Charleston
closed due to ice

Near Charleston harbor, Jan 2014


(to the tune of "Carolina in the Morning")

Yankees call us whiners -  snow in coastal Carolina! ice-storm warning
Heat pumps, 'lectric stripping, so the breakers flip, they're tripping in the morning.
Where is global warming when we need it most? 
Weathering this month's storming, our palmetto trees are toast.

Bridges closed confine ya', snow in coastal Carolina; cancel meetings. 
Sleet looks so much neata' when you're cozied near the heata', if you've heating.
Towns don't have no snow ploughs, so just stay home, folks;
View through frosty windows icy Spanish-mossy oaks.

Blame the Great Designer, don't malign the coal strip-miners - no El Niño.
Random variation, polar air mass brings us Fahrenheit nineteen - oh!
If I had some winter treads and I wouldn't skid,
I'd skulk off further south, then boast what I did;
Something could refine the clime of coastal Carolina winter mo-o-orn-ings! 

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Stir grits.

Sniff'um muffins.
Splat! I hit Alps! 

Performing Notes

GM7 = 0222; G6 = 0202; G#dim7; E5+7 = 1203; Am7 = 0000; Am6 = 2423;
C#dim7 = 0101/3434; D7+5 = 3223; Dm7 = 2213 

[G] Yankees call us [GM7] whiners - snow in  [G6] coastal Caro[G#dim7]lina; ice-storm [Am7] war[D7]ning;
[Am] Heat pumps, 'lectric [E7+5] stripping, so the [Am7] breakers flip [Am6] they're tripping in the [C#dim7] mor[G]ning.
[C] Where is global [G] warming, [C] when we  need it [G] most?  [E7]
[A7] Weathering this month's [D] storming [B7] our pal[Em]metto [Am7] trees are [D7] toast. [D7+5]

[G] Bridges closed [GM7] confine ya' - snow in [G6] coastal Caro[G#dim7]lina; cancel [Am7] mee[D7]tings;
[Am] Sleet looks so much [E7+5] neata' when you're [Am7] cozied near the [Am6] heata', if you've [C#dim7] hea[G]ting.
[C] Towns don't have no [G] snowploughs, [C] so just stay home, [G] folks  [E7]
[A7] View through [D] frosty [B7] windows [Em] icy [Am7] Spanish-mossy [D7] oaks. [D7+5]

[G] Blame the Great De[GM7]signer, don't ma[G6]lign the coal strip[G#dim7]miners -no El [Am7] Ni[D7]ño ,
[Am] Random vari[E7+5]ation, polar[Am7] air mass brings us [Am6] Fahrenheit nine-[C#dim7]-teen, [G] oh!.
[G] If I had some winter treads and [Dm7] I wouldn't [G7] skid, 
I'd [C] skulk  off further south then [A7] boast what I [D7] did                    
[G] Something could re[Em]fine the clime of [G] coastal Caro[Em]lina winter [A7] mo[D7]-o-or[G]nings.

The polar vortex- satellite photo

E7!   A6.

Here is the original song,  lyrics and chords, with the help of Dr Uke and Jim Beloff. You could use my version, transposed to the key of A, to play along with the YouTube video of Al Jolson (capo to Bb). 

The Original: Carolina in the Morning

A                             AM7                A6              A#dim         Bm7   E7
Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morn-ing,
Bm                         F+                            Bm7                     Bm6                      Cdim A
No one could be sweeter than my sweetie when I meet her in the morning
D                                   A           D                              A  F#7
Where the morning glories twine around the door,
B7                              E       E7  F#m            Bm7           E7 E7+
Whispering pretty stories   I  long to hear once more.

A                             AM7                       A6                    A#dim           Bm7   E7

Strolling with my girlie where the dew is pearly early in the morn-ing,
Bm                    F+                     Bm7                  Bm6                 Cmin7 A
Butterflies all flutter up and kiss each little buttercup at dawn-ing,
A                                               Em7    A7       
If I had Aladdin's lamp for only a day - , 
D                                     B7                        E7
I'd make a wish and here's what I'd say:
A                               F#m               A               F#m              B7  E7 A 
Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morn---ing.

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