Wednesday 6 December 2017

Singable Limerick-Medley: FIRST YEAR on the RANGE (A Cowboy-Political Ballad)

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This blogpost is dedicated to D.A., with best holiday wishes, December 2017.

ORIGINAL SONG: These verses were originally conceived to be sung to  "The Limerick Song", as per YouTube here.
 However to avoid unnecessary outsourcing, the melody has been changed to "Home on the Range", an American Western folk song written in 1872 (the best known recording is by Bing Crosby in 1933).
LIMERICK VERSE:  Original poetry was composed by Giorgio Coniglio, and compiled in November
 2017. Many of the poems have been published at the OEDILF website (the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form) by Giorgio Coniglio, 2016-2017. The OEDILF identifying number (#) and the Author's Note accompanying each poem, where relevant, are shown following the first verse. 
The current musical scoring was arranged by Giorgio Coniglio in January 2018.

Introduction: a) Lead-off Verse
                       b) Chorus (the largest group of voices ever assembled)
1. Covfefe
2. White House Communications
3. Pardoning "Sheriff Joe"
4. Second Amendment
5. Trade Renegotiations
6. Male Accountability
7. Next Year in Jerusalem
8. Senate Race in Alabama
9. Purported Censorship
10. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley
11. (Update chorus) Tweetstorm
12. Reprise - Original Chorus


Song for the Morning After the Election 

The Trump Years: America's Longest Limerick

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( to the tune of "Home on the Range")

Introduction: CHORUS (the LARGEST group of voices EVER assembled)
Now that Hillary’s pilloried, (Donald J.) Trump
Is our Pres (Libs might like that or lump).  
Make America grate; our allies decimate;
But revenge! Twenty-Twenty, we’ll dump.

1. Spicer thought that today, we should play it safe, eh?
(Covert intel was leaked by El Jefe)
"Constant negative press"? We can clean up that mess
With a weapon Vlad calls ‘the covfefe’.

2."No attack dog, more scary than poochy,
Nor sex scandal that screams, 'Hoochie-coochie'
Could match the release of that New Yorker piece:
My profane rant." The Mooch Scaramucci

3. Though Trump's base found the concept beguiling,
Old Joe's pardon flouts justice, defiling
The Court's verdict: "Contempt". Worse, this scoundrel's exempt
For ‘sad’ outrages he's been compiling.

4. A consortium of ursine arms-vendors
Struck gold when they sold ClawExtenders,
Thus fulfilling the prayers (and the right to arm bears) 
Of good Second Amendment Defenders. 

5. "Can you think of a policy dafter
Than to scuttle good trade deals like NAFTA?
Xenophobic old goat!", offshore car-makers gloat.
North American job loss comes after.

6. Half the populace sadly keeps coping.
As elected old lechers keep groping  
Here’s a sobering thought: At the top starts the rot – 
Let’s have Congress impeach them– here’s hoping! 

7. Reckless Trump wrote this lim'rick, "Jerusalem:
Former allies Islamic, cut loose..." A lim 
That was sure to start riots; protesters might die. It's 
Diplomacy? His poor excuse-a-lim.

8. With judgment hard-headed, outrageous and poor,
He pulled hard for the dubious Roy Moore.
Down in ol’ Alabama, child-molesters to slammer 
Should proceed, not U.S. Senate floor. 

9. George Orwell imagined his 'Newspeak'-
In that world, it’s what peons must/do speak.
But the administration that's controlling this nation
Now mandates what words staff eschew-speak.

10.What could menace ambassadress Haley?
She's a hawk who will dress down foes gaily.
Her boss? Slippery as fish — headline-grabbing his wish.
Has he sacked her? She should assess daily
11. Boast! Roast! - morning tweetstorm
"What a child!", gloat detractors, "an effete storm"
He's America's First (his own enemy, worst)
A self-centered and 'sad' Self-DefeatStorm.  

(Click on any chord-chart slide to move to 'song-presentation mode'; then navigate through thumbnails at bottom of page.)

Nikki Haley, the first female governor of South Carolina, was appointed U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations by president Donald Trump in January 2017. By April 2018, relationships between the two had deteriorated due to Executive vacillations in policy, particularly over Russian sanctions.
The term ambassadress for a female ambassador or the wife of an ambassador is used rarely.

Repeat Chorus(es) ad libitum

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