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ORIGINAL SONG: "I've Been Everywhere", by Lucky Starr, covered by Hank Snow, Johnny Cash, Stompin' Tom Connors etc. Please also note take-offs of this song posted here as earlier blog-posts. 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, February 2016.
WORDPLAY LINK: An explanation of the derivation of the anagrammatic place-names, and extensive lists are found at "Giorgio's Weekly Wordplay" post #32.

KEYWORDS: goldenoldy, wordplay

Explanatory Notes: 
The verses of this song consist of anagrams of the word P-A-L-I-N-D-R-O-M-E-S, place-names with 2-letter postal abbreviations, e.g. April Dome NS and Pliers Dam ON. To increase the representation of Canadian provinces, a "B" was borrowed to be added for placenames in the provinces of AB (Alberta), NB (New Brunswick) and MB (Manitoba); this lets us include well-known locales like Snail Doper MB in the song. Unfortunately, the provinces of Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia opted out of the arrangement.

Please see the previous post on this blog for the related but very different American lyrics. 
Incidentally, PALINDROMES and ANAGRAMS are somewhat related types of wordplay dealing with the rescrambling of letters in words or phrases. If you need to review the topic, check out the links provided.  

Incontinent Wordplay: I'VE GOT ANAGRAMS, Eh? 

(to the tune of "I've Been Everywhere")
Note that underlined lyrics are anagrams (word-scrambles) of the word "A-N-A-G-R-A-M-S)

I was sitting at my desk with “The Joy of Lex” composing PALINDROMES;
When along came a thought, where sometimes seems nobody’s home
If you’re gonna write some wordplay, go with what you understand
Cause you start off every morning, Jumble puzzle in your hand.
There’s no doubt that I can go both ways in handling ANAGRAMS,
But first I’d need return a message, I was told that A ‘SAM’ RANG.

Uncle Sam
See previous post
for the U.S. version
of this parody-song

I’ve got A-N-A-G-R-A-M-S, Sam
Helps to SNAG A RAM, man
Told my MA, "GAS! RAN!", man
Sing and have some fun, eh?
Lots of anagrams. 

I've been to:
Model Pair, April Dome, Dipole Arm, Rapid Mole
Moped Rail, Plaidmore, Modal Pier, Mid-parole
Those were places not so famous found in NS - yes!
Next comes cutesy villages in PE; can you guess?
Solar Mind, Mild Arson, Minor's Lad, Manorslid
Disnormal, Marlinsod, Morndials, Roman's Lid

Repeat Chorus

I’ve been to:
Pliers Dam, Idler's Map, Prismdale, Pram Slide
Dreamlips, Misled Rap, Pedal's Rim, Palms Ride 
Limp Dares, Mildersap, Alder Imps ON;
On 'The Rock' known as NL there's  Ram Poised and Roi-de-Spam
And Dimsoaper, Prime Soda, Paris Mode, Dipso-Mare
Maid's Rope, Depo Maris -  happily there's Mo' Despair.

Repeat Chorus

There's also: 
Permasolid, Spired Loam, Seldom Pair, Dismal Pore
Dreamspoil, Paris Model, Damsol Pier, Dimplesoar
Period Alms, Simple Road, Morale Dips, Load Permis
Dior Sample, Piso-del-Mar, Merdapolis in N(B);
There's Solemn Drip, Miners' Plod, Modern Slip in A(B)
And Mindsloper, Mi Splendor, Smolder Nip -  that's what you'll see.     

Repeat Chorus

Out west there's: 
Radon Piles, Prisondale, Lodesprain, Spindle Oar
Laidperson, Paler Dinos, M(B) towns like Île Pas-Nord,
Saline Drop, Lone Rapids, Repo Island, Prone Dials
Pride Salon, Silo Pander, Ail Respond and Pardon Isle
Dorsal Pine, Serial Pond, Lapin d' Éros* and Snail Doper
You'll find traces of these places when you go to Manitoba.  

Repeat Chorus (Final)

* a bilingual town, also known as Lovebunny MB

I've Got Anagrams, Eh? (see below)
Canada Day 2015 (singable limericks)

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