Friday 29 December 2023

Uke-Song: Al Jolson sings "POLYVINYL for MILLENIA"


ORIGINAL SONG: "Carolina in the Morning" written 1922, best-known version is performed by Al Jolson.

PARODY COMPOSED:  Giorgio Coniglio, January 2014. To return to "Daily Illustrated Nonsense" and to see more photos on this topic, click HERE. (While there, you can also view the lyrics without the chord indications, should you desire.)


(to the tune of "Carolina in the Morning")

Performing Notes

GM7 = 0222; G6 = 0202; G#dim7; E5+7 = 1203; Am7 = 0000; Am6 = 2423; C#dim7 = 0101/3434; D7+5 = 3223; Dm7 = 2213.


[G] What could be more [GM7] drastic than our [G6] seas awash in [G#dim7] plastic for mill[Am7]eni[D7]a;
[Am] Particles ac[E7+5]cumulate, then [Am7] hydrocarbons [Am6] degradate in [C#dim7] fau[G]na.

[C] Population's [G] highest, pol[C]luting near the [G] shore. [E7]
[A7] Altering  consti[D]tution [B7] of the [Em] worldwide [Am7] ocean [D7] floor. [D7+5]

[G] Jellyfish get [GM7] jealous of those [G6] gels the plankton [G#dim7] relish for their [Am7]vi[D7]nyl,
[Am] Seasoning our [E7+5] seafood and in[Am7]citing crude re[Am6] actions that are [C#dim7]fi[G]nal.

[G] If we had Aladdin's lamp and [Dm7] only one [G7] wish, 
We'd [C] ask, not me, but [A7] seals, whales and [D7] fish,                       
[G] Every Jane and [Em] Michael, it's not [G] hard, so please re[Em]cycle all your [A7]pla-[D7]a-a[G]stic. 

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