Saturday 20 December 2014

An Airline Saga: MACADAMIAS

POST #61
ORIGINAL SONG: "Desperado", The Eagles, 1973.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, December 2014.

On December 5, 2014 at JFK Airport,  Korean Air Flight 86 to Seoul returned to the gate before take-off. An executive vice president, also the daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho, had demanded the removal of a crew member from a flight for failing to serve macadamia nuts in a ramikin, rather than in a bag.
This episode provoked outrage concerning the ongoing role of the chaebol or family conglomerate in South Korean society. The CEO later appeared on television to apologize, announcing the dismissal of his daughter from further roles within the company.


         D       D7                      G                    Gm 
Macadamias, when they get served before take-off,
          D                         Bm                        E7              A7
It’s a breach you can’t  shake off -  in the bag’s a disgrace.
                D          D7
Flight procedure - 
                    G                            Gm 
I know that you’ve checked the entry,
      D           Bm
So do it correctly or
      Em            D 
I’ll surely lose face.

             Bm                     F#m
Don’t offend the Inflight Service Veep
       G                  D  
(Perhaps a tad unstable),
       Bm       G                 D       A
The CEO of airline is my Dad.
                 Bm                      F#m
Now your manual lists how first-class snacks
                 G                       D
Should be laid out on tray-tables -
               Bm                E7                     Em7  A7
But your short-cut variations make me mad.

                D             D7      G                       Gm 
Desp’rate outburst? No, it ain’t ‘cause I’m thirsty,
       D                       Bm
I’m pained that this purser
             E7            A7 
Won’t obey protocol.
        D        D7                 G                Gm  
And cockpit,  the cockpit follows my orders,
              D            Bm
We’re delaying departure
                 Em           D 
Have them radio Control.

             Bm                  F#m
Though Daddy might apologize
         G                          D 
If he feels this action’s not too wise,
           Bm                 G                         D    A
We all must keep respect for Cho chaebol   
          Bm                 F#m 
You’ll lose access to KA flights,
            G                           D                    Em7    A7
It ain’t funny, you’ll need days to get to Seoul.

         D       D7                      G                     Gm  
Macadamias, when they get snarfed on the runway,
            D            Bm                 E7                 A7        
There’s only the one way, the bag just ain’t right. 
                D            D7               G                    Gm  
It may be ‘nutrage’, but as the Airline’s chief nutcase, 
            D                      Bm 
And as Korean Airlines heiress,
        G                   Bm
The airline-chief’s heiress,
            D                      Bm
And as Korean Airlines heiress,
       Em         A7   D  
I’m aborting this flight.


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