Tuesday 3 June 2014

Dilemma of Parodist with Surname Ending in '.witz': "I Feel Witless"

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ORIGINAL SONG: " I Feel Pretty" written by Leonard Bernstein and Steven Sondheim; performed by Carol Lawrence and cast of West-Side Story 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, March 2013.

Some 30 of the posts on this site were originally presented on AmIRight. The premier site for posting parody song-lyrics, AmIRight has an archive of some 90,000 songs. Included among the songsmiths using the site are several prolific authors who have posted over a thousand parodies. A prodigious repertoire, a wide spectrum of themes and outstanding wordplay characterize the more than 4000 works of John Barry; his posting of over a dozen parodies of this original song in one week prompted my parodic homage on that site, modified and re-posted here.  


G+      C    
I read postings,
G+     C    
Royal roastings,
G+        C       G+ C                        Am7      
And so many on the same base-song,
G7              Am

   Cunning toastings,
              Dm7             G        G9      C     Bb G7  
And I'm tempted to spoof a-a-a-long.

G+     C  
West Side Story - 
G+        C  
So ear-wormy!
G+           C      G+  C                         Am7 
Lennie's melodies swarm in one's head ; 
G7              Am      
 A spoof-zombie  -  
                Dm7         G        G7  C     Bb  G7

I'd keep satirizing when I'm dead.

F                                                 C      F        C7
See that list of spoofs after searching there.
F                                  Dm C

Who's that prodigious J.B.?
Em                          B7          

  Pacing's sure to please,

Natalie Wood, in the well-loved movie version
Rhymes that exceed these,

Subjects sometimes sleaze,
                      G          Dm7  G7

Hyper-parodies !!!!

Do our habits not seem hebephrenic?
I refer you to my precious wife.
She'll inform you the minute you ask her:
                                                 Bb7         G7

She'll advise us to consider getting a life. 

G+       C  
I'll confess it;
G+              C  
You might guess it -
G+          C              G+ C                   Am7 
Novice, "Giorgio"'s a name I've assumed,
G7           Am
And "Coniglio" -
                Dm7             G      G7    C      Bb  G7 
He's my nominee for nom-de-plume.

G+      C 

I feel witless,
G+         C 
Feeble, shiftless,
G+       C                G+ C                 Am7
Facing wit-lords, as one of life's twits;
G7           Am      
Which is odd,
                Dm7         G  G7          C       G!  C!
With my surname ending in "..witz"

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