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The Prohibitions and Prudery of Palindromes: A Refer-ence List

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PALINDROMES: new and previously published
See also my previously posted collection of "canalindromes"  - palindromes related to canals and to Mercer's iconic creation here.  

A surprising proportion of palindromes is characterized by themes of denial, reproach, disparagement, sarcasm and even prudery. Here are some examples.

Original Sources: PalindromeList (PL)Neil/Fred's Gigantic List of Palindromes. ; these provide a portion of the palindromes, the remainder (about half) composed by GC.

Palindromes in song are rare, but you can find 2 palindrome-songs on this blog "X66X" and "Gnats Sang: Gnus Stung" by clicking these titles or by using the search option.


A dim or fond 'no' from Ida.

A man, a plan, a cad, a canal, Panama. 

A man appals, I slap Panama. 

A Maj., a plat, a fan, a fatal pajama. 

Amen! Eon; no enema.

Amor, a dab, a bad aroma.

Ate plate - elk-cub, ergo ogre, buckle et al.  - PETA

A slut nixes sex in Tulsa.

Ban/borrow or rob/nab.

Bats enliven evil nest, Ab!

Borrow or rob.

Border burrow, or rub red, Rob.

Damn US nixes tax at sex in sun. Mad!

Denial slain, Ed.
Evita, Gen.!

Den-gila? Tong not aligned.

Dennis, Madam, sinned.

Dennis and Edna sinned.      (etc.)

Devil never even lived!

Dog-doo. Good God!

Diaper repaid.

Dill, a plan, a canal - pallid.

Don't revert. Nod.

Egad! A base tone denotes a bad age.

Eh, ca va, la vache!

Elsie. No tax at one isle.

Evade tame mate, Dave.

Evil, all its sin is still alive. 

Evil axis - six alive.

Evil, Olive

Eros? Sidney, my end is sore.

Evita, Gen.? Negative.

Flee radon. No dare, elf!

Gnats stang. 

Gnu dung. 

Hades unused. Ah!

Hair, a plain arc - cranial pariah.  (a very bad hair day)

I made lie veiled, ami.

In word-salad, alas, drown I.

Kind, under-referred - nudnik. (disparaging Yiddish term for an irritating person). 

Knife idea, Mae; die, fink! 

Lame tale - dame made late, Mal.

Less evasion evade, Dave. 'No' is a vessel.  

Liar trail.

Live not on evil.

Llama - nix in a mall.

Lonely Tylenol.

Male rut rote: torture, Lam.

May a moody baby doom a yam?

Model truth: turtledom.

Murder for a jar of red rum.

Nab, rob or ban.

Named is nit inside Man.

Nap not on pan.

Natalie; veil a tan.

The ultimate Palin-drome
Ned rages, "Reverse Garden."

Never odd or even.

Night nets tenth gin.

Nightlife? Filth, gin.

No brace-pins snipe. Carbon

No brace. Not one carbon.

No 'D'. No'L'. Dwell lewd, London.

No "Darn!" in radon.

No dot, Sam - mastodon.

No drapery re 'pardon'.

No enema-name - neon

No era far - eon.

No grade, Ed - argon

No grasp, Alf, on no flaps - argon. 

No 'h'-typo - python.

No. I save on no evasion.

No. I told Ed, "Lotion"

'No' is iced decision.

No! Is sap. Passion.

No! It is opposition.

No. It can assess an action.

No. It is open on one position.

No! It is opera reposition. (or A reposition? No, it is opera)

No, it never propagates if I set a gap on prevention.

No! It's a bare-era bastion.

No 'k' in Nikon.

No 'l' lags. Gallon.

No laser re salon.

No lass Tin is sin. It's salon.

No lava! Not on Avalon! 

No 'lem'n' in melon; etc.

No levers revel on.

No lynxes' sex - nylon.

No 'm', lass. Tin is sin. It's salmon.

No 'm' lasts. Old lost salmon.

No medal; LA demon.

No 'melon' in 'O lemon'; etc.

No, Miss. It is Simon.

None X-mas, Sam - xenon.

No risks - iron

No robe re boron.

No rod-lid dildo, Ron.

No 's' re person.

No 'S' -  a Saxon.

No. Sì. Operas are poison.

No same mason.

No sir, prefer prison.

No sir. Penal-lane. Prison  

No sir, Panama's mood dooms a man - a prison.

No stetson. 

No word, no bond, row on.

No 'x' in Nixon.

No 'x' - a Saxon.

No 'xx' - Exxon.

No 'yarn' in rayon. 

Not a banana baton.

"Not New York," Roy went on.

Not so (bad, Ida) - Boston.

Not so! Bees see Boston.

No trace. Not one carton.

Not tube, button

Not 'UF' - not on futon.

O! No!

Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.


Parade: villained denial lived. A rap!

Plan no damn Madonna LP.

Rapes reverse pardon.

Rawer burger murders - re drum, re grub, re war.

Re hypocrisy; as I say, sir, copy her.

Re-flip: pilfer

Red dates? Apple? -Help, Pa! Set adder!

"Reno, sir. Plan a canal". Prisoner 

Rep uses reverse. Super!

Revelation? No it a lever.

Revenge beg never.

Revenge? Slap pals, e.g.? Never!

Revocation? No, it a cover.

Satan; I plan a canal  - pinatas.

Satire; veritas.

Senile felines.

Set a gender. Red negates.

Set agenda? Ad negates.

Sex afar, Ira faxes.

Sex at (noon/my gym) taxes.

Sis - emesis.

Stella won no wallets.

Step on no pets.

T. Eliot nixes sex in toilet.

Trap all afoot. I, too, fall apart.

Tennis tenet sin-net.

Tim made dire ride, dammit!

Timid? I'm it.

Tip-top pot-pit!

To Idiot:

To pseudonym enemy, no due spot.

Ton. Net. Forever. Often. Not.

Toronto got no rot.


Wales, oppose law.

Wets dab noses on bad stew.

Won't fig gift now. 

Wontons- not now.

Worse: lame female's row.

'x' 'n 'y', Lara. Lynx.

'x'; 'y'; no 'z'. Onyx

Yawn a more Roman way.

Yell! avoid area, Mae - Radio Valley.


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