Thursday 23 January 2014

Travel Advisory: The Carnival of Charleston

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ORIGINAL SONG: "Carnival of Venice"  traditional song

PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, January 2014.
PHOTOS of the concert "Carnival of Venice" by Uncommon Solutions

Charleston Post and Courier coverage of the inciting event


 (to the tune of "the Carnival of Venice")

Your rickshaw ride in Charleston
Can't explore that magic town;
The driver's only licensed
A - pick-up,  B -  set you down.

Official guides in Charleston
Have to pass exams and train; 
Rapt carriage-tour riders and foot-groups
Can't block ante-bellum lanes.

A pedicab lurks at your hotel,
Marks you for a heinous crime;
A sleazy eager historian
Who is keen to sell his time. 

To stamp out these nasty infractions
Wired police devised a sting
Attired for entrapment as tourists
Massive fines recordings bring.

Few hours in scenic Charleston ?
Cruise-lined there by Carnival,
Snubbed by snobby South-of-Broad big-shots?
Don't treat 'Rick Shaw' as a pal.

If gliding past Fort Sumter
And re-boarding is a must,
Steer clear of 'Rick"s tempting discussions - 
It might be a tourist bust.

Patron admires the set after the concert

Performing Notes

Your [A] rickshaw [Asus] ride in [E] Charleston
Can't ex[Bm]plore that [E7] magic [A] town;
The [A] driver's [Asus] only [E] licensed
 A - pick- [Bm]up,  B -  [E7] set you [A] down.

"Carnival of Venice",  March 2014
Chamber Music Charleston Event

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