Wednesday 9 February 2022

Uke-song: "JABBERWOCKY" (folk-rock version)" as sung by the rock-band "The Animals"

The authors of this blog, Dr. G.H. and his registered pseudonym Giorgio, have been fans for a long time of "Jabberwocky", the iconic nonsense-poem revealed and discussed in Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass" (1871). On our other blogs, you can find the poem "Mergerwocky", a poetic parody on Jabberwocky that we later realized could be sung to the tune of "The House of the Rising Sun". Your current authors do acknowledge that singing a version of "Jabberwocky" itself has been achieved by the British folk-rock singer-composer Donovan, a pastiche that is recorded in his 1971 album of childrens' songs "HMS Donovan". (Click HERE for the YouTube version.)

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JABBERWOCKY (folk-rock version)
(parody lyrics to the tune of the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun", dedicated to Dr. JJ)

UKULELE-FRIENDLY FORMAT (and guitar, too!)
(Click on any chord-chart slide to move to 'song-presentation mode'; then navigate through thumbnails at the bottom of the page.)

C-tuned ukulele specifics:
Gm = 0231; Gm7 = 0211; C(add)9 0203; Eb = 0331; D7+5 = 2233; Gmsus(+) = 0233

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