Monday 9 November 2020

Uke-Song: "TURKEY LEFTOVERS", holiday pa(i)rody, rehashed

 SONG with UKULELE CHORDS:  a seasonal parody from 2015, revisited

SUBSTITUTE LYRICS subbed into 2 original songs, a pairody

ORIGINAL SONG#1: "The Christmas Song" (Chestnuts...), written by Wells and Tormé  in 1944, and recorded by the Nat King Cole Trio 1946.

ORIGINAL SONG#2: "Good King Wenceslas", John Mason Neale 1853, but often now mistakenly referred to as 'traditional'. Neale's piece, (based on accounts of the Bohemian Wenceslas legend, and a 13th century 'spring-carol' tune) was highly criticized in the 1920s as "ponderous moral doggerel"; you might want to check the interesting description in the Wikipedia essay.

PARODY COMPOSED: Dr. G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, January, 2015, currently updated with new verse-charts, improved fonts and an epilogue including slides with ukulele/guitar chords for the original songs. To see the lyrics displayed more concisely without the chord-indications (and to return to the corresponding date's post on "Daily Illustrated Nonsense"), click HERE
SONGLINK: For another parody on  "The Christmas Song",  see our earlier posting "The Cynic's Song" here.


There are some difficult jazz chords here, but they sound beautiful, and are worth the effort!

Specifics for ukulele (C-tuning):
Bm7 = 2222;  C#m7 = 4444;  E7 = 1202;  Em7 = 0202;  C#7+5 =2112; F#m = 2120;  Dm6 = 2212;  D#m7 = 3324;  C#M7 = 1113;  CM7 = 0002;
A9= 0102;  DM7 = 2224;  D6 = 2222;  Dm7 = 2213;  C6 = 0000;  Fdim7 = 1212; G#7 = 1323;  Cdim7 = 2323;  AM7 = 1100;  F#7sus = 6677.

(click on any verse-slide to enlarge the entire series and compare the original songs' verses with the parody version. Move back and forth using the thumbnails at the bottom) 


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