Sunday 1 April 2018

Blog Summary: CENSUS of SONGS and NONSENSE, by TOPIC

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SUMMARY OF BLOG CONTENT: Slides showing...
  New versions of old songs; substituted lyrics for old favorites with a range from parody to info-songs and personal experiences. These songs arranged by topic primarily for the years 2013 through 2017. Updates for following years will be added depending on the editors' health and inclinations.
  Further offerings for both song-lyrics and wordplay blog are in the offing; summaries of these will be arranged sequentially by season. These will be posted eventually and dated for the last day of each calendar year, i.e. Dec 31. 

Note: The blog is searchable via the Searchline at the top of each post - to find a particular title, topic or artist. But beware! the content of each slide in this summary may be hidden from the blog's search engine. 
To quickly find a particular post/song from the table below, just find the search widget at the top of each post, and enter the pound sign followed by the post-number in the search line, e.g. #116 for "Prostate Cancer".  

Seasonal Summaries: 


Coastal Carolina
Icelandic Saga
Robbie Burns Day
Online Etymology Help
Vancouver's Isle
Pisa's Lean Trattoria
Dark Schemes
Broken Arrows
Brennan's Tweet

HOTLINKS: To review these posts,which include creative cartography based on anagrams and palindromes, start with #106, and work your way backword or forward using the buttons labelled "OLDERPOST", "NEWER POST" near the bottom of each blog.

HOTLINKS (and from there, you can navigate  using the buttons "Newer Post" and "Older Post" near the bottom of each blogpost, or by searching with the help of the Search-widget at the upper right hand corner.

Auld Lang's Sine, trig. tale

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