Monday 25 April 2016

Simon and Garfunkel's Implanted Vision: The PALINDROMES of EVIL

Post #123
ORIGINAL SONG: "The Sounds of Silence" 1964, Simon and Garfunkel. 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, April 2016.
WORDPLAY LINK: You review a 'suite' of focused palindrome lists at "Giorgio's Weekly Wordplay".

 KEYWORDS: wordplay, cartography, goldenoldy

 Also, two palindrome-songs have been posted on the current blog at posts #23 and #30 (see list below). 


(to the tune of "The Sounds of Silence")

Palindromes are a dark friend.
Strange insights read from either end
They sometimes seem devoid of meaning.
Yet their impact comes careening
"In word-salad, alas drown I" - poor brain's lobes; 
Nasty strobes - 
The Palindromes of Evil.

So, "Evil axis - six alive"
Sends "Delivery reviled"
Message said, "Hades unused, ah!
I learned, "Ah, Satan sees Natasha"
Advice received, "Bats enliven evil nest, Ab"
"Bats, odd, do stab" - 
The Palindromes of Evil.

It "Wets dab noses on bad stew"
"Stack cats"; "We panic in a pew"
People writing, "Nightlife - filth, gin"
"Dennis, Nell, Edna and Ellen sinned"
"Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas"; "Gnu dung"
But, no one sung,
"Satan, I prefer piƱatas".

"Borrow or rob"; "Di, as I said", 
"Hell, eh?";  "Denial slain, Ed"
They hear "No word, no bond; row on
Please "No lava, not on Avalon"
"Golf-flog"; "Lisa Bonet ate no basil"
"Evil Olive"
"Slap pals"; "Lived on, no devil"

"Stole lots"; "Rotator"; folks were stunned;
"No dare - radon"  (that was punned)
"Murder for a jar of red rum"
Forming "Model truth: turtledom"
And the sign flashed out "Egad! No bondage
"Yaw bus. Civic subway" - rails,
And "Liar trail"s
"Re-paper"- Palindromes of Evil...

Performing Notes

Fadd9 = 0013; Asus2 = 2200; Gadd9 = 2232

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