Friday 22 January 2016

Multi-Cultural Chestnut: I Dreamed I'd Teach The World To Sing

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ORIGINAL SONG"I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing", 1971, adapted by the New Seekers from the iconic commercial.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, January 2016.

KEYWORDS: goldenoldy, multicultural


(to the tune of "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing")

I dreamed I'd teach the world to sing
This multicultural song
But couldn't access You-Tube files
To learn to sing along. 
"Hilltop" TV ad, 1971.

Don Draper's real-world colleague
Scribbled what was later spoke
In Nineteen Seventy-One; he hoped 
'To buy the world a Coke'.  

Songwriters dubbed, and flubbed the song
"True Love and Apple Pie",
But when they filmed the "Hilltop" ad
Awards started to fly.

New Seekers somehow got the rights,
DeCoked the English words
But other people 'round the globe - 
Still need their voices heard.

These days we should be welcoming
Ethnic diversity 
With sentiments that echo from
That shoot in Italy.

I'd like to sing that hilltop song
Each language gets one verse,
So Google-Translate fills the gap
For better or for worse.

(It's the song I dream)
Please submit a verse
Help contribute today - 
An appeal-thing!

So, to get started, here's the 2nd verse of the iconic song in a spectrum of available languages. (I will admit that these choices appear Eurocentric; also I don't know if I have gotten past all the stumbling-blocks associated with the online software) .....

Quero ensinar o mundo a cantar
Em harmonia perfeita,
Eu quero segurá-la em meus braços
E mantê-la como companheira.
Mi celas instrui al la mondo kanti
En perfekta harmonio,
Mi volas teni ĝin en miaj brakoj
Kaj festu gxin kiel kunulo.
Chciałbym nauczyć świat śpiewać
W doskonałej harmonii,
Chcę trzymać go w moich ramionach
I zachować go jako towarzysza
Jag skulle vilja lära världen att sjunga
I perfekt harmoni,
Jag vill hålla det i mina armar
Och hålla det som en följeslagare.
Déanaim iarracht a mhúineadh an domhan
A chanadh i chéile foirfe,
Ba mhaith liom é a choimeád i mo lámha
Agus é a choinneáil mar chompánach.

Comments on the attempted translations (they all need some polishing), and further 'submissions' are welcome!


I [C] dreamed I'd teach the world to sing
This [D7] multicultural song
But [G7] couldn't access You-Tube files
To [F] learn to sing a[C]long. 

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