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Dante's Inferno, sidebar: Rick Steves sends a "POSTCARD TO CHUBBY CHECKER" (Stuck in Limbo)


, as recorded 1962 by Chubby Checker.
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, May, 2015.  To return to the corresponding post on "Daily Illustrated Nonsense" (and to see the lyrics without the chord-chart indications) click HERE

The name "Limbo" conjures up an intriguing mixture of Caribbean dancing and Dante's Inferno. In another posting here, part of the Inferno sequence, Dante provides us with on-site reporting which seems to eliminate it from serious consideration as a longterm retirement home. Perhaps it is more realistic to consider it an untapped tourist destination.  

(to the tune of "Limbo Rock")

Performing Notes: 

The chord pattern is the same for all verses, and is quite easy. The trick is to clinch the Caribbean rhythm with heavy beats on 2 and 4. and the English lyrics ending just before the 4th downbeat for every line. Another nice trick is to to employ the 5,4,3,3, position for the C chord, and then use downward NewYork strum for the 4 and 4.5 counts in most lines (the F9 and G7 chords can also be adapted to do this for the last few line of each verse).
Fadd9 = 0,0,1,0 (for NY strumming try 2,0,1,3).

INTRO: = chords for first 4 lines

[C]Want to visit Limbo-land?
Rick Steves [G7]help vacation-plan[C]
Limbo-folks are tourist-shy
Compli[G7]cated reasons why.[C] 
Limbo-[F9]visa hard to get - 
Seems that [C]none been printed yet.[G7]
I.T. system's way behind,
Limbo-[F9]stuck in Dante's [C]time. 

[C]What to pack for Limbo-trip?
Don't need [G7]sunscreen - get a grip![C]
Limbo-weather always same
Sticky [G7]days, we're not to blame.[C].
Limbo-[F9]neighbors turn up steam
Get so [C]burned they moan and scream.[G7]
Don't advise excursion there
If no [F9]Hazmat suit to [C]wear. 

[C]Limbo-talk in Limbo-land
Locals [G7]hard to understand[C]
Few speak Eng., they all speak It.,
Antique [G7]Limbo-dialect.[C]
Limbo-[F9]customs might appeal - 
Walk feet [C]flat with weight on heels. [G7]
Limbo-nights - no moon or stars
Lean back [F9]in (or under) [C]bars.

[C]Got good staff at Limbo-Inns
They com[G7]mit no Limbo-sins;[C]
New construction in bare feet
Projects [G7]never get complete.[C]
Might not [F9]find a hotel room
Now or [C]when you're in your tomb.[G7]
Limbo-book with kids and wife
For the [F9]Limbo-after[C]life.

Rates discounted now.
Rates discounted now.
How low can they go?

Compare this with Ch.Ch.'s original:

[C]Every limbo boy and girl
All a[G7]round the limbo world,[C]
Gonna do the limbo rock
All a[G7]round the limbo clock.[C]
Jack be [F9]nimble, Jack be quick
Jack go [C]under limbo stick![G7]
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let's [F9] do the limbo [C]rock. 

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