Wednesday 16 April 2014

A Geriatric Odyssey: UNDER MY OWN STEAM, part #1

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ORIGINAL SONG: "I've Been Everywhere", by Lucky Starr, covered by Hank Snow, Johnny Cash et al. 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, June 2013.

You can view the lyrics and commentary (without images or chords)  displayed on a parody-lyrics website at Post "Under My Own Steam"


(to the tune of "I've Been Everywhere")


Lucky Starrted with Strine, his Brit and Kiwi versions also strode,
When along dashed the Yankees, Johnny Cashed on covering Hank Snow.
Stompin’ Tom spewed the Canadian spin; his take's sure to please.
Go and scrutinize YouTube - you’ll find a slew of odysseys.
I ask you why our self-esteem and our nobility
 Seem to be linked in every culture to our road-mobility.

I was coaxing my frame into an achy Seniors’ Clinic seat,
When along came a student who spoke up, not having to repeat,
“While you’re here in Geriatrics, Pops, with me you can spout.”
 So I clambered on the couch, and then I let my story out.
He asked me if I didn’t need a scooter to get ‘round,
And I said, “On my own I’ll manage ‘til they lay me in the ground.”

Sites visited in the Johnny Cash odyssey

I’ve gone every way, son
Made it every day, son  
Deserted, seldom stayed, son   
Breezed past, moved on, strayed, son
I’ve lived out my own dream, son
Under my own steam.

I’ve led and followed, sped wallowed, vaulted tumbled, somersaulted,
Raced chased, outpaced, failed-to-place, been defaulted,
Beat-the-pack, pavement-pounded, trailed and tracked, dogged and hounded,
Hustled bustled, rushed hurried, lagged and straggled, crashed rebounded,
Hiked biked, unicyked, spurted sprinted, streaked and straddled,
Sailed bailed, jibed and tacked, roved diverted, scudded paddled.

I’ve gone every way, son
Traveling is my play, son  
Need to get around, son   
‘Til I’m in the ground, son
I’ve lived out my own dream, son
Under my own steam. 

Whirled twisted, flailed and flitted, hauled and shlepped, toted carried,
Hurtled hovered, scurried scrammed, coasted cruised, shuttled ferried,
Galloped loped, trotted hopped, lunged and pounced, scampered slithered,
Skimmed and swooped, swerved swivelled, waddled trampled, charged and dithered.
Darted started, lit departed, inched flinched, punted perched,
Posted cantered, wriggled floundered, bolted sprung, skulked and lurched.

I’ve gone every way, son
Made it every day, son  
Breezed past, mosied, strayed, son
Deserted, seldom stayed, son   
I’ve lived out my own dream, son
Under my own steam.   

Under my own steam! 

See post #112 for a sequel!!

Under My Own Steam part#1 (see below)
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I like doing this song with progressive key changes, as in the Lucky Starr versions of the song; or if you like you can keep it simple like Johnny Cash did, and leave it all in the key of C.

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