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Uke- Song: RETURN TO "SURRENDER" (Stuck on Elvis)


ORIGINAL SONG: "Torna a Surriento"; E. DeCurtis(music), G. DeCurtis(lyrics), 1902 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, February, 2013. the thirteenth song posted on "Giorgio's Ukable Parodies", the original parody-blog.
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The wonderful original song, written in Neapolitan, has been recorded by Caruso, Lanza, Pavarotti, and Bocelli among others. Its famous English knock-off, "Surrender" written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman in 1961 was widely popularized by Elvis Presley.
For this parody, the difficult words in Neapolitan have been replaced by names of Presley songs and movies.
The few remaining words are similar to modern Italian and readily understood. 
e = and
guarda = see
io = I
ma = but
'o = the 
tu dice = you say


(to the tune of "Torna A Surriento" - Return to Sorrento)

Performing Notes

[Gm] Vide ‘o movie Blue Hawaii 
[Cm] Moonlight Swim e Aloha [Gm] ‘Oe….
One [Cm] Nighte Hawaiian [Gm] Wedding
[D] Io Can’t  Help [D7] Falling In [Gm] Love

[G] Guarda, gua’ Viva Las [Am] Vegas:
[D] Santa Lucia, Tutti [G6] Frutti,
[G] Bello Yellow Rose of [Am] Texas,
I [D] Need Somebody to Lean [G] On

[G] E tu dice ‘Please Sur-[Am]-render ’
[B7] Stuck on You e Love Me [Em] Tender,(ma)
Girls, Girls, [Cm] Girls, It's Now or [G] Never
You [D] Gotta [D7] Stop  Your  Cheating [G] Heart
Ma [GM7] Don’t [G6] Be [Am7] Cruel [Am]
[D] All  Shook Up  [D7] Cryin’ in the [G6] Chapel !
Re[Cm]turn To [G5+7] Se-e-en[Gm]der……
[D] Heart[D7]break  Ho-[Gm]-tel !

"Surrender"  (original song)

When we kiss my heart's on fire
Cm                                        Gm
Burning with a strange desire, 
          Cm                          Gm
And I know each time I kiss you
D                D7                     Gm
That your heart's on fire too.

G                                          Am
So, my darling please surrender............

"Torna a Surriento" (original song)

Vide ‘o mare quant’è bello
Cm                       Gm
Spira tantu sentimento, 
              Cm                  Gm
Comme tu a chi tiene mente
D         D7                    Gm
Ca scetato ‘o faje sunà. 

G                                       Am
Guarda, gua’ chistu ciardino.
D                                    G6
Siente, sie’ sti sciure arance:
G                                 Am
Nu profumo accussi fino
D                                  G
Dinto ‘o core se ne va.
G                                  Am   
E tu dice “I’ parto, addio!”
B7                            Em
T’alluntane da stu core
     Cm                        G
De sta terra de l’ammore,
D             D7                   G
Tiene ‘o core e nun turnà?
     Gmaj7         G6    Am7  Am
Ma nun  me lassà !
D           D7                 G6       G
Nun darme stu turmiento 
Cm                G5+7  Gm
Torna  a  Sur-rien-to,
D           D7    Gm
Famme cam-pà !

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