Wednesday, 1 May 2019

SABBATICAL BLOGGEREL #1: Canadian-Themed Parodies

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'bloggerel' = doggerel found on a blog; in this case, prepared ahead and distributed at a later time by the blog's scheduling function, e.g. ...

The managers of this site do not wish you to remain without therapeutic nonsense and song at hand; we figure that unless you drastically increase your prescribed drugs, you need a dose of this ancillary health-product at least once a week. So you can do the following:

1. Review on this blog the updated post listed below. The embedded photos, the ukulele chord charts, the fonts and even some of the song's verses may be new since you last looked.

POST #190: Canadian Canoeing Nostalgia: "LOST COUNTRY"

2. Consider some of Giorgio's other parody-songs on the same topic, with the handy summary shown in the slide below (and, if you are lucky there will be hotlinks to let you navigate back and forth). 

Canoeing Lesson  (also known as "Canoe, Canoe, Canoe, Canoe, Canoe")

3. Check out the flickering embers on our sister blog devoted to wordplay and nonsense poetry "Edifying Nonsense". As Giorgio finished packing his bags, he posted the collection of poetic verses for you to enjoy entitled...

 "Limericks about REPTILES (no snakes)"

And, back to canoeing: You can also discover Giorgio's related series of humorous poems about canoeing, "Reverse Strokes".

4. Stay tuned, and there will likely be more revised and disguised singable material for you to relish, while Giorgio refreshes his circuits!   

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